Speaker & Writer

equipping and cultivating women across the globe into living a life of freedom and Godly virtue

I’m all about living a life of true inner peace, freedom and valour, especially in the face of past and present adversity. I choose this attitude and way of thinking because it is simply the blueprint to life and when you have an understanding of this divine revelation, it will set you free from all forms of bondage.


Hey Sister

Let me introduce myself,

I’m a truth talking, lipstick loving, serial coffee drinking, total Jesus chaser. Hear me out! Jesus is literally is the way of life and the day I decided to live by what I call the “the lifeline”, is the day when everything changed and my life has never been the same again (for the better of course). In case you’re wondering, I have a zero tolerance policy for religion, but there’s more on that later.

Sweet friend, because my life has been radically changed and saved, and believe me, I was a wretch. I want that for you too. I want that because you were not created for mediocrity and maybe’s. One thing I have learned through my many failures of responding to things wrongly, is that there is hands down, no other way to move forward towards a life of fulfilment without the creator of the universe by your side, fighting your every battle. For that to take place effectively, I had to come to my knees and have a complete fear of God within.


By his loving grace, I have been given insight. I’ve been filled with faith, even though I have faith wrestled many times. I have been given knowledge and wisdom, equipped with grit, courage and strength I thought only super hero’s had and a transformation and renewal of my mind that I thought was impossible.

I can now pass this on to you to help you have your own faith forward and that is what sets my soul on fire.

I believe that a woman pursuing the fear of God is a woman who is on a mission to pursue excellence and obedience. She is a woman who desires a life of virtue and becomes unstoppable in her mission to become who she was truly created to be and when she knows who’s she is she becomes radiant, full or faith and strength.

The Mission


of God Fearing Women…

By boldly speaking of the unshakable truth and realness of God’s word. By planting seeds of courage, wisdom and obedience, equipping you to be a voice to a generation that is in serious trouble. To claim back your authority creating a powerful and purposeful lifestyle of virtue - No religion, no manipulation of scripture to suit ourselves or justify our short failings. Just simple practicalities to forward your faith and LIVE.

We’re living in times where there is an urgent need to have a reverential fear of the Lord, which means, there is no time for agenda, no time for religion, and no time for manipulation of Gods word.

changing Perceptions…

To change the perception the world has of Christianity: by ruling out the association between religion, judgement and Jesus.