Raising up a Standard of God Fearing Women


Hey Sister

Let me introduce myself…

I’m Gina Sampson, I’m a total Jesus chaser, faith filled writer, speaker and TV presenter of The She 31 Life and Air Atlantic TV on a clear and divine mission.


The Mission


changing Perceptions…

To change the perception the world has of Christianity: by ruling out the association between religion and Jesus

Religion is judgmental, Jesus is not


of God Fearing Women…

by boldly speaking of the unshakable truth and realness of God’s word. By planting seeds of courage so that when the enemies lies are loud, you laugh louder. So that you can look the devil straight in the eye, fearlessly claim back your authority and create a powerful and purposeful lifestyle of virtue. No religion, no manipulation of scripture to suit ourselves or justify our short failings. Just simple practicalities to forward your faith.